#306 Random acts of kindness in Duvall, Washington

Check out the online newsletter of Cedar Creek High School in Duvall, Washington, and you’ll see a regular column called, “Busted!!” The Snoop Patrol is on the alert in the school…for random acts of kindness.

The Random Acts of Kindness Club members shout out students for helping a sick friend, returning lost phones and wallets, fixing a broken shovel, cleaning up a workroom, or helping with software. They pat teachers and staff on the back for going out of their way for students. When they catch someone in an act of kindness, they photograph them for the newsletter, along with a sign that says, “Kind people rock”.

When the club started in 2000, five people showed up, along with Staff Advisor Peggy Filer. As the club has grown, so has their commitment to kindness, through acts both small and large.

Every November they have a personal products drive to help Hopelink, an organization serving homeless and low income families, children, seniors and people with disabilities. They do cleanup in downtown Duvall. They have raised $3,500 for a well in Africa.

When they gather for monthly meals at a Mexican restaurant, they chip in their extra money. Then they look around the restaurant, choose a table, and pay for the surprised diners’ meals.

This year Peggy Filer and her Random Acts of Kindness Club were among the winners of the Extreme Kindness Challenge, an initiative that promotes Random Acts of Kindness Week. The video created by the amazing Storytellers for Good (#64 reason for hope) is a wonderful tribute.

Kudos to a teacher making a difference in these young people’s lives – and to the students who come on board each year. You give me hope.


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Naomi Baltuck - May 23, 2012

This is uplifting and refreshing at a time when those things are difficult to find. Thanks for sharing this, Cathryn.

    admin - May 23, 2012

    And to think they’re practically your neighbours! 🙂

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