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#318 All the world in the pages of books

My mother never traveled much. Money was tight for a single mother whose considerable skills never carried the imprimatur of a university degree – and so were never fully recognized.

She never let the lack of money keep her keen mind from traveling. My brother and I grew up anticipating the weekly trek to the library as eagerly as any voyage to exotic places. All the world lay in the pages of the books we devoured.

The creative team from Moonbot Studios who put together “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” love books in the visceral way my little family did – right up to the day my mother, and then my brother, died.

This film deserves the Oscar it took home for Best Animated Short. I’d seen the trailers and even watched it on YouTube, but I confess I wanted all that its iPad version brings to the wondrous tale.

For two years my dear partner wanted to buy me an e-reader, and I kept saying no. Although I protested I didn’t need one, that I was waiting for software to become more standardized, in my heart I was waiting to be able to afford a reader that would allow me to enjoy Mr. Morris Lessmore’s adventures (and those in Moving Tales).

And then the stunning gift was mine – an iPad that brought this beautiful production to my darkened bedroom, where I could stare in wonder at this gem of a story – not just once but again and again.

The magic in the flying books is something I understand viscerally. When I open “The Fantastic Flying Books”, I enter a world where each book contains magic. As with my own reading, some of the books are demanding, others whimsical. Some are compelling, while others are downright annoying.

You’ll have your own reactions, and I would be interested in hearing them. What gives me hope with this animated film is its acknowledgement of the wondrously uncontrollable world that lies within the imaginations of authors and the gifts of their writings.

Get to know Moonbot Studios and “The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore” via their Websites (hyperlinked from the titles), Twitter, and Facebook. Download the “Flying Books” in iTunes as a regular or HD film or an interactive iPad app.

Enjoy the journey.


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