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#348 – 14-year-old rock promoter raises funds for LGBT youth

Alex MacKay

Alex MacKay of Local Hero, photo from It Gets Indie Facebook page

In late June, the Indie Rock Kid was back doing what he does so well, organizing a concert in support of LGBT youth.

When Lindsay Spangler wrote about him last year, 13-year-old Noah Hornik was planning a concert to benefit The Trevor Project and It Gets Better.

What prompted Hornik to take on such a major production was a string of suicides brought on by anti-gay bulling. It was not his first bold action in the fight for LGBT rights. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, he had already founded the Rainbow Connection, a gay-straight alliance in his middle school.

Scheduling last year’s concert meant paying full price for the venue, hiring musicians, marketing the event, raising funds, selling tickets and handling the myriad details that go into a large event. When receipts were counted, the first It Gets Indie concert had raised $20,000 for the two projects.

This year’s concert was June 23rd. Once again, it was scheduled for San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall. Two bands were featured: Princeton from Los Angeles and Local Hero from Berkeley. This time It Gets Indie was even an official event in the San Francisco Pride 2012 lineup.

According to The Daily Californian, the event was packed, the concert a huge success.

With an older brother who is gay, Hornik also has a personal reason for wanting to clear away the cobwebs of intolerance. After speaking with the boys’ father, Cathy Brooks wrote in Huffington Post:

“What Julian and Noah do, what we as a family believe, is that this [support of the LGBT community] is not a passive activity, it is something that is our obligation as decent human beings — to try and make life better for those who don’t have the support.”

Follow It Gets Indie on Facebook, and check out Julian Hornik’s very moving song from the 2011 concert:

First published on Care2 Causes


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naomi Baltuck - July 4, 2012

This is so important. Everyone in that family has someone and something to be proud of. Thank you for sharing this important story, Cathryn.

    admin - July 4, 2012

    Sounds as if the Horniks are a wonderful family – making a difference in the world.

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