#350 Toronto musicians and Toronto Dominion take music to the streets

This is another one sent by a friend. Thank you, Sharon.

Toronto Dominion supports a lot of community events, including music festivals across Canada. This year they kicked off the festival season in a busy square in downtown Toronto.

First they set up a band shell, then a separate platform for the conductor. They hung a banner with the message, “Keep the music going.”

They painted the platform lime green, with signs on it that said, “CONDUCT HERE”. They placed a lime-green baton on the music stand.

A 20-piece, professional band took the stage, and over 150 amateur conductors – young, old and in between – picked up the baton. People danced, swayed and grinned.

Way to go, Toronto musicians and Toronto Dominion. You made a lot of people happy on May 29, 2012, and you’re making a lot more people happy by sharing the video.


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