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#353 – Poll shows Canadians are “stubbornly, solidly progressive”

Regular readers of This Gives Me Hope or my occasional rants on Facebook will know I am not a fan of Canada’s current government. Their right-leaning policies don’t sit right with me.

Now I have yet another reason for hope: I am part of what a Vancouver Sun headline writer calls the “stubbornly, solidly progressive” majority. Ipsos Reid conducted a national survey for Postmedia News and Global TV, and the results showed just how out of synch the Conservatives are.

Although the Harper Conservatives have pushed a string of, well, conservative bills through Parliament, they have not pushed Canadians into adopting their world view.

On three trigger issues – same-sex marriage, abortion and capital punishment – the majority of Canadians continue to hold such strong views the Tories know they cannot even bring them up for debate.

Canadians also place high value on the natural beauty of the land. Conservatives’ dismantling of environmental protections may be a boomerang in the next election, whacking away supporters.

Summarizing the poll’s results, Michael Den Tandt wrote:

The poll does not even remotely suggest a country that has been pushed rightward, or is being pushed right-ward, incrementally or otherwise, by Conservative rule.

The 2015 election could go in any direction, but this poll is a good reminder to the Harper Conservatives that the country is not in their pocket.

Thank you, Canadians, for continuing to believe in a fair society.


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