#466 Happiness is infectious

Message Stones

Darren Hester’s Message Stones photo can be found on morgueFile.com

I think my new Twitter pal is onto something. All I know about him is that his Twitter handle is @KenpoBear. His bio says he is a poet, novelist and folk artist and that he sort of looks like a bear. He’s also from Post Falls, Idaho. Since I grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho, I feel a kind of kinship.

Back to what he is onto. Recently he wrote a poem he calls “I infect the world with happiness.” It has lines like these:

I am guilty and I confessed
So they arrested me
for infecting everyone with happiness.

I’ve no idea if @KenpoBear is able to live up to his poem, but it doesn’t much matter. He writes a lot of poems that are so joyous I have to smile when I read them. So I know he’s doing a lot to infect the world with happiness. He illustrates them with colourful, whimsical, childlike illustrations that are like smiles themselves.

The idea of infecting the world with happiness is just too good not to share. It gives me hope.


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