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#467 Painted heads support literacy

Literacy in Prince George, British Columbia

Shauna Harper painted her husband’s head to represent the people and organizations who support literacy and reading in Prince George, British Columbia; from video below

When the Prince George, British Columbia, Public Library and the Community Arts Council decided to raise funds with a Literacy Art Calendar, they chose unusual canvases: human beings willing to have their faces (and some torsos) painted by local artists.

Each of the human canvases was painted with a literacy theme. Alice in Wonderland played across the face of former mayor Colin Kinsley. Shauna Harper enlisted her own husband, Kal Basi, as a canvas, painting his head with the organizations and people that come together to promote literacy and reading in the community.

Alex Moffat of Alex Zander Photography captured the spirit of each. The photographs were turned into 7-foot banners for display at the library and turned into a calendar as exquisite as it is playful.

The project just might go global. For an article on liveworkpg.com, Harper wrote:

My sister in Hong Kong saw it [the video below] and emailed me, “So so cool! I’m going to bring this to the International Library Day and see if we can do this in Spring”. This means in our little town of 80,000 in Northern BC, we are able to inspire a potential fundraiser in a metropolitan city like Hong Kong.

Thanks, Wendy Young (executive director of the Community Arts Council and a dear friend), for telling me about this fantastic project. You knew how much I would like it. This fundraiser gives me hope.


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Kathy Knudsen - October 30, 2012

Great idea – can you e mail me info about the calendar?

Kathy Knudsen
Literacy Coordinator
Monrovia Public Library

    admin - October 30, 2012

    I’ll ask the folks directly involved to be in touch with you.


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