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#497 Slash the food portions; ramp up the self-confidence

Marshall Reid was tired of being bullied because of his weight. One summer the 10-year-old told his mother he wanted to try eating healthy for a month. In order for the plan to work, he needed his whole family’s support.

That was 2009. Three summers later he was invited to be one of the judges for the first Kids’ State Dinner at the White House. The 54 contestants were chosen from the 1,200 kids who submitted recipes. Not only did Marshall help pick the winners. He was given the honour of introducing Michelle Obama.

Between 2009 and 2012 he and his family not only learned how important portion sizes and healthy food choices were. They also created a movement, whose name was inspired by the book and movie, Super Size Me.

Since then they have recorded dozens of videos, gone on tour, created a stir in the media and written a book, Portion Size Me: A Kid-Driven Plan to a Healthier Family.

Jan Hoflfman wrote a terrific story about the family for the April 12, 2012, New York Times. She captured Marshall Reid’s natural cockiness, along with the family’s challenges with the new lifestyle.

After watching some of the videos, reading Hoffman’s piece, and wandering around on the Web site, I’d put my bets on a business career for Marshall, and a successful one at that. With his mother’s support, he made a healthy choice for his first venture, and that gives me hope. He just might turn out to be one of those people who change the world for the better. Come to think of it, he already has, by focusing on good food choices.

Marshall Reid’s Day 1 video is below, followed by the Epicurious clip of his introduction for Michelle Obama. You can follow Portion Size Me on Facebook and Twitter.


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