#533 Saving water in Oklahoma City

Photo clip from Oklahoma City's water-wise campaign

Photo clip from Oklahoma City’s water-wise campaign

Oklahoma is in the U.S. drought zone. The Oklahoma Climatological Survey tracks the state’s rainfall. The trend is worrisome, with precipitation well below normal rates.

That means everyone needs to help conserve what water there is. Agriculture and industry are big users and need to do their share, but ordinary folk also have a responsibility to cut back on unnecessary use of a precious resource.

The problem is how to convey the message in a way people will heed. The City of Oklahoma Utilities Department has come up with a creative campaign, Squeeze Every Drop. A blue-clad, goggle-wearing Water sighs over the way people take him for granted.

He confesses his feelings:

It’s like you become invisible, like you’re not even in the same room. We all go through it, right? I mean, you grow people’s crops. You quench their thirst. You fill their swimming pools. You wash their…well…you know.

You pour everything you’ve got into that relationship, and what do you get? At some point, it just drains you.

He goes on to explain the small changes he wants, such as washing full loads of clothes and dishes, watering the lawn in the early morning or evening, turning off the faucet when brushing teeth.

The message is delivered in a humorous, non-preachy way. The video is clever. Is it working? I don’t know, but it is a good-natured approach that may be more successful than guilt.

A big thanks to my friend Cathy for the tip about this one.


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