#562 Environmental message that just might work

If we want to save the planet, we have to become better storytellers. That was the underlying message of Harvard scholar Theda Skocpol when she blamed environmentalists for America’s failure to act on climate change.

Shaking our fists (which I confess I am wont to do) does nothing but drive people into opposing corners. That’s why I love Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff Project. She uses clever humour to bring home environmental messages. I’m also keen on Storytellers for Good, StudioLu, The Smooch! Project, Franke James and her Green Conscience and anyone else who has figured out how to deliver a message people will hear.

So I am grateful to Electra Koutouki, Twitter friend and journalist from Athens, for the link to Steve Cutts’s clever video, Man. The London-based freelance artist has an impressive list of clients and a style that reminds me of the best graffiti artists (and, yes, that is a compliment).

With Man, he has created one of the cleverest environmental videos I have ever seen. Its one central character portrays the history of humanity’s horrifying environmental depredations with unflagging good humour. He wanders through the earth cheerfully destroying everything in his path until…

No point spoiling the ending for you. Take 3:36 minutes to watch this clever video, and then share it with everyone you know. Man gives me hope that we may actually figure out how to become better earth citizens if we keep trying to find better ways to help each other understand the consequences of our actions.


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