#589 The streets are their canvas

Street art in Olsztyn, Poland

Street art in Olsztyn, Poland

Forget the galleries, the museums, the high-priced shops and the walls of rich people’s huge homes. They play an important role in making it possible for at least some talented artists to make a living. This art is different. It is art for the people, art on the streets, art to waken the senses, provoke questions, invite response, brighten drab urban landscapes.

Street Art Utopia collects photographs of it from around the world, the work of artists brimming with creativity. A few examples:

The young man behind this identifies himself as vidare on Twitter and doesn’t reveal more than that on his Web site.

The site is an absolute gem. The artists—some identified, many not—wake up our senses. Their art sneaks up on us, appearing suddenly on a busy street, in a quiet alley, on a country field.

Street Art Utopia’s tagline says it beautifully: “We declare the world as our canvas.” The creative geniuses behind this art give me hope, as does the young man who collects it.

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