#603 Think the Internet’s a wasteland? Try Upworthy

Thumbs up; photo by Sarah Reid, via Flickr Creative Commons

Thumbs up; photo by Sarah Reid, via Flickr Creative Commons

If you haven’t yet discovered Upworthy, prepare for some finds that will stimulate discussion, make you smile or set you to cheering. Their tag line is 100% accurate: “Things that matter.”

This is what they are about:

Our mission at Upworthy is to elevate and draw attention to the issues that really matter — from gay marriage to body image to global poverty — through irresistible social media. You should judge us by how good a job we’re doing at that. And please do, sincerely—we want you to hold us to that standard. Send us feedback on how we’re doing, anytime.

If you wonder why such a site is worth bothering with, check out the infographic they created about the content offered by the Internet’s billions of sites. This is a new site with big ambitions, laid out on their To Do list. In general, they are looking for things they consider “awesome, meaningful, and visual”.

So far I’d say they are on the right track. Here are some recent examples:

To take full advantage of all the shareable content Upworthy posts, follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. We need a lot of intelligent eyes on the Internet, sharing content worth our time, content that has a chance of changing the world. Upworthy finds it. They give me hope.


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