#845 Teen’s invention could charge your cell phone in 20 seconds

Eesha Khare and her supercapacitor

Eesha Khare and her supercapacitor; photo clip from Intel video below

Recharging cell phone batteries would not be nearly so annoying if someone would only invent a better charging system. As it turns out, someone has.

In future it may be a whole lot easier and faster to charge up those batteries, thanks to the supercapacitor invented by 18-year-old Eesha Khare. The Saratoga, California high school student was one of the top competitors for the 2013 Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award, winning a $50,000 prize for a small device that has potential well beyond the cell phone.

Khare’s invention is so tiny it can fit inside a cell phone, recharge it in 20-30 seconds, and last ten times as long as the batteries currently in use. One day it might power up our tablets and computers and a lot of other tech gizmos, maybe even car batteries. Because it is flexible, it could even be manufactured into roll-up displays or clothing.

The cash award will fund some of Khare’s university studies. For the small device to make it to the market, some company like Apple or Google or one of their suppliers will have to pick it up. The benefits are obvious so I am crossing my fingers that this invention will reach a consumer audience within the next few years. But what gives me as much hope as that finger-crossing wish is the knowledge that Eesha Khare has a career in science ahead of her and will very likely come up with a lot more, and equally impressive, inventions in the years ahead.

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