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#933 The train maker’s big-hearted love

Will the Train Maker

Will the Train Maker in his workshop; photo clip from video by Cara Jones below

When I learn of something that gives me a surge of hope, I head straight to Ecosia (Plant trees while you search the Internet) to find out more. That did not work when I wanted to learn more about Will, a retired carpenter from California who makes trains for the children in his neighbourhood.

Cara Jones, whose Storytellers for Good inspires me regularly, posted the videotape of The Train Maker in May 2012, after Will had been chosen one of three winners of the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation’s Kindness Challenge.

The video had been viewed 254 times on the day I wrote this. It deserves lots more attention. So let me introduce you to Will. He has had lots of time on his hands since his wife died over a decade ago. He uses that time, 8 or 10 hours at a stretch, to turn scraps of wood into trains. He gives them all away.

As a child, he always wanted a train. He never got one, but now he has given away more than a thousand of them. Anyone who wants a train gets a train.

The children get more than a train, of course. They get a lesson in kindness and generosity, from a man whose big-hearted love blankets the entire neighbourhood.

Every child should have a Will in her life. He gives me hope.


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