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#935 A gentle guide to mindfulness

Maitri Libellule

Maitri Libellule in Dragonfly Cottage; photo used by permission

Mindfulness does not come easily to my chattery brain. So I am fascinated by my friend Maitri Libellule’s journey of 365 Days of Mindfulness. She writes about it with depth and grace and a healthy dose of humour. The other day she had a problem with her wifi. I had just had a similar problem so really related when she wrote:

My first reaction is frustration, then agitation, moving right on into over-blown anxiety, and then the dread horror of having to call technical support. These things never go easily or especially well and usually require a long time on the phone. This time was no different. I always seem to have the problem that baffles the tech guy. When a tech guy says, “Oh, uhm, gee, this is unusual, do you mind if I put you on hold?” you know you’re sunk.

Mechanical malfunctions churn up my insides. Both our wifi issues were resolved with the help of patient tech guys. But Maitri’s practice of mindfulness inspired me when I reflected on my own bumpy reaction. She is a master at articulating the power of mindfulness to heal our spirits, no matter how many boulders we have to circumnavigate, no matter how many pebbles sneak into our spiritual shoes.

This whole mindfulness concept is far more powerful than I would have thought possible before I started learning about the power of our minds. I’ve blogged some examples here:

As I read Maitri Libellule’s mindfulness journey, I know she is onto something that can still even my jumpy mind. I also know I need to show a lot more respect for this mind of mine, if mindfulness can even have an impact at the cellular level. And my inner tuning fork vibrates when she describes mindfulness practices like this:

What if every day you took a joy walk, you just kept walking until you found something that made your heart leap with joy. Maybe it would be a ladybug teetering on the end of a blade of grass. Maybe it would be seeing a little girl taking her very first ride down the street on her bike with NO training wheels! Maybe it would be seeing someone whom you judged, at first glance, to be other than who they really were only to see them open like a flower before your eyes. That is the miracle that happens when you are so deeply present that you see straight through the physical form to the heart of every man, woman and child you meet. That is the pinnacle of mindful practice. That is God. That is Love.

Maitri is changing lives, wrapping acceptance and love around our troubled hearts.. She gives me hope.

In addition to all her spiritual and creative outpourings, Maitri offers Mindfulness Mentoring for Women from her Dragonfly Cottage. Anyone signing up will be in good hands. And don’t miss her Mindfulness podcasts, her Spontaneous Mindful Ladies Art Project and so much more from this talented woman.

You can follow Maitri on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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Donna - February 6, 2014

Oh so true! I have had the blessing to work with Maitri one on one in her Midfulness Mentoring sessions and they have been life changing. Maitri is such a gifted and compassionate teacher, mentor and guide. I love reading your posts on HOPE…..something we all need more of. Thank you Cathryn <3

    Cathryn Wellner - February 6, 2014

    Life changing – can anything be more profound than that? How wonderful that you have been blessed by this extraordinary woman. I am so grateful to her – and to you for commenting here, Donna.

#935 A gentle guide to mindfulness | This Gives... - February 7, 2014

[…] Mindfulness does not come easily to my chattery brain. So I am fascinated by my friend Maitri Libellule's journey of 365 Days of Mindfulness. She writes about it with depth and grace and a healthy dose of humour.  […]

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