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By Cathryn Wellner / February 12, 2014
Esther the Wonder Pig

Esther in the kitchen of her home; photo from her Facebook page

Although I do not normally join fan clubs, I just joined the one that honours Esther the Wonder Pig. In my farming days, I loved pigs. So I was curious about this large, porcine pet.

With her expressive eyes, sensitive nose and big-hearted love, Esther is a media sensation. Her two human pals, Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter, live on a one-third acre lot in Ontario. They thought they were buying a micro pig when they took the adorable piglet home. But Esther was likely the runt of a litter of pigs intended for pork chops. With good food and plenty of love, she kept growing.

When her humans posted the video below on December 21, 2013, she was already 300 pounds and not yet fully grown. She was also an online and media sensation, winning a following in a very short time. So her two-legged house mates created the video to caution people that owning a full-sized pig is serious, time-consuming, and challenging. Steve Jenkins, who narrates the video with Esther snoozing on the sofa behind him, strongly suggests supporting residents of pig sanctuaries is a better choice for most people.

He is right about that. Pigs need space, exercise and a lot of food. They have noses meant for digging, which is not always popular with human owners. They are playful and love to run. A sanctuary, with other pigs, is a far better option for them.

But Esther has two human pals who adore her and do their best to give her a good life. Resident cats and dogs provide more socializing for her. And she has clearly had an impact on her two humans, who posted on their Web site:

We want to help show you that she understands everything we say to her. She knows what’s happening and she feels every emotion we do. She is a living, loving and feeling creature, not a product or a piece of pork.

Because of Esther, Jenkins and Walter now dream of opening a pig sanctuary. In the meantime, they are on a mission to raise awareness about the intelligence and emotional lives of pigs raised in horrendous conditions on factory farms.

Owning Esther has changed their lives. Their social media campaign just may accomplish their goal of encouraging respect and compassion for our porcine relatives. They give me hope.

You can follow Esther on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Thank you for posting a link to her story, Carol Lynn.


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Esther - February 12, 2014


    Cathryn Wellner - February 12, 2014

    Oh, Esther, you sweetheart. Thanks for bringing your human pals to this blog. Please ask them to scratch you in your favourite places and give you a belly rub for me. You make me smile.

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