#959 Catch the hope habit

Blossoming cherry tree

Hope is as real as the tight bud on a tree

“Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ~ Rumi

A lot of people share my appreciation for the quote from Rumi. It appears all over the Web, with no attribution to the translator who made it available to us.

Whatever its origin, I hear loud bells ringing when I read it. When I began this blog for hope, I envisioned spreading a bit of hope around by keeping my inner sensors waving in the breeze to catch whiffs of it. Perhaps the hope would ripple outward and reach other people.

What I did not envision was the impact it would have on me. The more posts I wrote, the more I realized I was the one who needed the lessons.

My heart can be a tough nut. I see injustice and hop up on the speaker’s platform to rail against it. Canada’s current government sends me into waves of self-righteous anger. Misogyny makes me want to take up a cudgel and start whacking away at the narrow-minded, blind fools who harbour it. Greed, environmental destruction…

See what I mean? I can go from calm and peaceful to fist shaking in less than a second. That is why I needed this blog. When I slipped into rant mode, all I had to do was surf around among the stories captured here. Every time I did I felt a surge of…well…HOPE.

Since I will never run out of reasons to rail at some injustice or another, I need to keep up this hope habit I have been cultivating. A quote from Elie Wiesel keeps running through my brain as I plan for the next stage of the journey:

“If dreams reflect the past, hope summons the future.”

So that is the big vision in my mind as I near the 1001st post on this blog. Watch for the new Web site, loads of new reasons for hope, and an invitation to summon a future so bright we will need sunglasses just to contemplate it.

You, dear friends, have given me so much encouragement I wrap you in hugs. You have sent ideas, links, support and e-mails that have brought tears to my eyes. You are the reason this hope journey is so joyous.


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Lydia - March 2, 2014

I have the same tendencies, Cathryn. It’s one of many reasons why I love your blog so much (and why I’m hoping you’ll find a way to continue it after your 1001st reason. 🙂 )

    Cathryn Wellner - March 2, 2014

    Knowing the two of you are in my world is another reason for hope, Lydia and Brenda. I send you loving thanks for your words.

Chanticleer Webmaster - March 2, 2014

Dear Cathryn, your posts bring sunshine to my inbox on the coldest, darkest days. I HOPE this means you will continue 🙂

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