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#1011 Two dads make history, one laugh at a time

Drew, Jerry and their two beautiful children, photo from Jerry's Facebook page

Drew, Jerry and their two beautiful children, photo from Jerry’s Facebook page

What do you call your parents when they are both dads? Neither Jerry Mahoney nor his partner Drew wanted to draw the short straw and end up “Papa” so they both chose “Daddy”. Mahoney, the full-time dad, was hurt to learn their twins considered him “The Daddy Who Stays Home” and Drew “The Daddy Who Goes to Work”. His post on Mommy Man: Adventures of a Gay Superdad will have you laughing, wincing and perhaps even shedding a tear.

Mahoney’s blog would be a hilarious and thoughtful homage to parenting whatever the sex of his fellow parent. That both are men adds a layer of stumbling blocks like children’s toys strewn between bed and bathroom. Mahoney’s candid and hilarious writing clears away the mental clutter behind homophobic or curious people who might trip over the toys.

These two dads make the best possible case for normalizing family love, however a family is configured. The Gay Superdad’s blog is also a book, available in both digital and print formats.

You can follow Jerry Mahoney on Twitter and Facebook.

Update: The first picture I nabbed from Jerry’s Facebook page was of a different family. The two dads and their two children, posing with the book, are another beautiful family but not this one. Jerry was as gracious about my mistake as he is in his warm, funny writing. He suggested this picture of the Real Family. Thanks, Jerry. You’re a mensch.

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