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#1170 Cosmic Happy Ass on the spiritual path

Diane English, in front of some of her whimsical paintings; photo clip from the video below

Diane English, in front of some of her whimsical paintings; photo clip from the video below

In her pursuit of meaning and transcendence, Diane English follows the path of laughter. With her Great Cosmic Happy-Ass Card Co., she shares her spiritual odyssey with irreverence and playfulness. For those willing to take themselves and their spiritually yearnings lightly, she is a beacon of humour.

English owned a successful bookstore but says in the introduction to her book, How to Keep in Touch with Your Inner Thighs:

“Customers kept coming in and telling me I just had to read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron which I had managed to avoid reading for at least 3 years. Finally I surrendered and read the book. It changed my life.”

She threw herself into painting, creating magnets and greeting cards with quirky spiritual messages. Customers loved them and one of them had just the right idea for her work: “The Great Cosmic Happy-Ass”. Now her colourful, nose-tweaking, joy-filled cards are both her passion and her profession. She says (video below):

“I want people to experience their happiness because it’s there. All you have to do is turn a switch, and you can be happy. I create art for a crabby world.”

Her Asheville, North Carolina studio is a place of laughter and fun. She says on her Web site, “I’ve discovered the fastest way to enlightenment is a good laugh and a cosmic happy ass.”

As someone inclined to take the world and its ills entirely too seriously, I am grateful to my talented friend Denise Ostler, creator of the delightful Fairytale Medicine, for introducing me to this joyous spiritual seeker. Sometimes following a different drummer can feel more like missing the beat than finding the heart. That is when we need the release of laughter. As English says in the introduction to her book:

“May I suggest that you celebrate your abnormalities. Let your light shine through the cracks by following your craziest dreams and illuminating the world as only you can do.”

You can follow The Great Cosmic Happy-Ass Card Company on Facebook and YouTube.


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Judith - November 28, 2014

H-m-m-m… “Let your light shine through the cracks…” Is that what Naomi was suggesting your were already doing with your recent skull injury? As always, Cathryn, you are leading the way by example! And by the way, I remember you exuding way more laughter than your “serious side!”

love and laughter, Judith

    Cathryn Wellner - November 28, 2014

    I figure now that I have a small crack in my skull, more light can get in, and I finally have a chance to achieve en-light-enment. But whether or not any light actually penetrates my thick skull, it is lit from the inside with the laughter you and I have shared over the years, my friend.

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