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#1186 Our love can save the planet

Bee on  yellow flower, Oslo, Norway; photo by askyog, via Flickr Creative Commons

Bee on yellow flower, Oslo, Norway; photo by askyog, via Flickr Creative Commons

Shane Koyczan has appeared on this blog before (The people’s poet, The poet who speaks our hearts). His poetry bypasses any resistance to loving poetry and drills right into that heart-open, word-loving part in all of us.

Now he has joined David Suzuki’s Blue Dot Tour with a poem about safeguarding our glorious planet from the depredations of climate change. He writes:

I began to see us in the context of a bigger picture,
sharpening the blur slowly into focus.
We are Atlas.
I saw that this pale blue dot,
this one world
is all we get.
There will be no reset button
no new operating system
or downloadable upgrade,
we will not be allowed to trade in our old world
for a new one with climate control
or better fuel efficiency;
we get one shot at this.

I listened to it on a night achingly poignant. We visited with a beautiful young couple from Scotland. They are in Canada on work visas. Neil is a physiotherapist. Fiona works for a high-tech company. Now there’s Katie, a four-month old cherub (5 months by the time this goes live). She is the perfect first baby. She has a sweet disposition and, oh such grace, sleeps through the night. She must grow up in a world where her future is not imperiled by our folly, a world where we do not f*** with the bees but rather ensure they are able to thrive.

Koyczan pours love into his words, into homage to the beautiful planet we share. We show such hubris, we humans, but we also produce poets like this. So although I frequently despair at our impact on each other and the planet, I continue to be grateful for this extraordinary blessing, to bear witness to beauty, to listen to grace, to carry hope for the future.


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