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#1193 A joyful tribe of hope-filled people

Nimo Patel and a friend; photo clip from video below

Nimo Patel and a friend; photo clip from video below

Regular Hope visitors may remember I wrote about Nimo Patel in April and June 2014.  He is the high-flying rap star who chucked the excesses of the material world to share his music in an open-hearted, generous way. His lyrics reflect that.

In November 2014 he posted yet another of his joyous songs, “To My People: An Ode to Humanity.” This time he was joined by musicians and humanitarians Chad Harper and Nick Dalton, as well as filmmaker Ellie Walton.

The music video is a joyous celebration of human interconnectedness, with lyrics like these:

Every single one of you,
Through being you, you do,
Find a way to spread love through
Truth, through me and you

And its because of you, I grew
Because of you, I flew
Because of you, I made it through
Without residue
Because of you,
We all have a home to come to
You’re a blessing to us all, so keep just being you

As soon as I heard those words, I thought of YOU, wherever you are, why ever you turned here for a bit of hope. You are my people. Together we are a tribe of hope-full people who believe in the power of love to get us past the hard spots.

Thank you for the joyous song, Nimo, and for reminding us how interconnected we are.

Nimo Patel has generously posted his entire Empty Hands album for anyone to download. The link is here.


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