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The 90-year-old primary school student

Priscilla Sitienei in class; photo clip from Kenya CitizenTV video below

Priscilla Sitienei in class; photo clip from Kenya CitizenTV video below

Priscilla Sitienei has brought babies into the world for 65 years. Now she wants to do something more for them. The Kenyan woman, who is in her 90s, wants to inspire them.

To do so she has become the oldest primary school student in the world. Six of her own great-great-grandchildren are in class with her.

By modeling how important education is to her, the great-great-grandmother believes she can encourage children to go to school. When the woman her classmates call “Gogo” (grandmother) sees children who are not in school, she asks them why. If they tell her they are too old, she points to her own example.

Priscilla Sitienei joins in the children’s activities. She helps them with their school work. She passes on the stories and traditions of her people.

When she first approached the school and asked to enroll, she was met with skepticism. She was determined to learn to read so she could read the Bible. She also wanted to be able to pass on mastery of midwifery and traditional medicines.

Her persistence paid off. While she learns, the elderly scholar inspires her young classmates, school staff, and anyone else who hears her story. School is a better place for everyone, with Priscilla Sitienei’s wise influence.

So…what was it you said you were too old to start?

Sam Gituku interviewed her for Kenya CitizenTV


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