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Edward Monkton’s ‘The Pig of Happiness’

By Cathryn Wellner / April 3, 2015
"Miss Piggy"; photo by Maurice, via Flickr Creative Commons

“Miss Piggy”; photo by Maurice, via Flickr Creative Commons

The pigs in this barnyard are a whiny lot until one of them decides to become The Pig of Happiness. Before long he has spread so much happiness it catches on with the other pigs, then the sheep and chickens. You get the idea.

What Monkton has created in the video version of his delightful book, The Pig of Happiness, is a recipe for spreading joy like an unstoppable virus. This joyous pig will trot right into your heart and set you to thinking about how you can be a joy spreader.

If you need more laughter and inspiration, go to his website and try out his Monktonator, which hands out free advice, alongside a Random Thought of the Day.

Detour ahead. Take it and let the road lead you to happiness.



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