Forget what you know about houses

One of Elora Hardy's "Magical houses, made of bamboo"; photo clip from her TED2015 talk

One of Elora Hardy’s “Magical houses, made of bamboo”; photo clip from her TED2015 talk

Elora Hardy uses the bamboo so ubiquitous in tropical climates, and her native Bali, to build houses that will defy any preconceptions you may have about housing…and about bamboo. Houses do not have to be straight-walled rectangles. They do not have to rely on concrete or wood. They can be airy, fanciful, sturdy, curving homes made of bamboo.

Elora Hardy’s TED2015 talk shows how to treat bamboo so it will last, resisting both insects and weathering. She and her fellow designers and students completely eschew straight lines, using the natural curves of bamboo to create “Magical houses” (the apt title of her talk).

I remember seeing bamboo scaffolding in Asian countries and Pacific islands and wondering how they could risk their lives on such flimsy platforms. What I did not understand then were two essential qualities of bamboo: strength and sustainability. With skilled craftsmen and endless ingenuity, bamboo houses in Bali are becoming works of art that will make you rethink possibilities when it comes to housing. Made of materials that re-grow quickly, these exquisite houses are designed with an eye for beauty and durability.


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