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White woman, black man shock the audience awake

Darius Simpson and Scout Bosley step up to the microphone and do something completely unexpected. They change places. If that sounds like a simple matter of switching mikes, watch what happens when they also switch roles. Simpson speaks his lines as though he were a woman, Bosley as if she were a black man.

The result is a wake-up call. We can be allies. We can empathize. We can challenge racism and sexism wherever we see or hear them. What we cannot do is speak for each other. Only someone living the experience can understand in her heart, in his bones what the experience of prejudice means.

This is a good video for starting a discussion about the painful impact of all the -isms that do deep damage to our souls.


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Virginia Sauve - July 16, 2015

Very thought provoking video on the potential pitfalls of advocacy. Thank you!

    Cathryn Wellner - July 16, 2015

    Ah, the complexities of life…including advocacy. About the time I figure I have things under control, someone reminds me of something like this. LOL

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