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David Zinn’s fabulous street art

By Cathryn Wellner / July 29, 2015


David Zinn, please move to Kelowna, British Columbia. I am in love with your street art.

Sigh. I know how unlikely that is.

You create that oh-so-temporary chalk art in Ann Arbor, Michigan. You cannot be everywhere, but thanks to IndieGogo your art will reach a wider audience.

I love the whimsy of your art, the poignant scenes, the creative imagination, the gentleness and love behind them. You see stories in the cracked urban landscape most of us inhabit. I look at your Sluggo on the Street scenes and see the tender fissures in everyone’s heart.

We are such fragile creatures. We need to laugh. We long to feel loved. Your art would put a smile on anyone’s face.

Help support David Zinn’s ephemeral art on IndieGogo. Buy his post cards, buttons and more on Zazzle. Follow David Zinn on Twitter and Facebook,


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