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This angel makes thousands of sandwiches for the homeless

When streets in Minneapolis’s Twin Cities fall quiet for the night, Allan Law begins his rounds. The retired teacher stops his vehicle wherever homeless people gather. From inside a van labeled “Love One Another”, he grabs socks, hats, gloves, coats, blankets and other essential supplies. Everyone who approaches receives a sandwich.

The sandwiches are prepared by hundreds of volunteers from around the city. Organizations, churches, and individuals donate the ingredients and spend hours making stacks of sandwiches. They arrive in hungry people’s hands when the shelters are closing for the night.

When he retired in 1999 from a career in inner city schools, Law founded Minneapolis Recreation Development Inc. to carry out his mission of helping the city’s homeless. For the past fourteen years he has left home at 8 p.m. every night, made his deliveries, and returned to his small apartment around noon the next day.

In the touching video produced by Nation Swell, we get a glimpse of that apartment. The walls are lined with refrigerators, holding the hundreds of sandwiches he hands out each day. It takes a lot of refrigerators to hold the more than half a million sandwiches he gave to hungry people last year.

One man on a mission is making the hard life on the streets a little brighter thanks to his big heart and his refusal to stop trying to change one corner of the world.


Allan Law is also featured in the documentary, The Starfish ThrowersIf you are curious about the title, see this Wikipedia entry, The Star Thrower.

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