6-year-old orphan on a mission: to make people smile

Jaden Hayes lost his father when he was four. Last month the Savannah, Georgia, boy lost his mother, who died in her sleep.  Jaden learned more than a six-year-old should ever know about sadness.

But the youngster was still full of life and joy. When he got tired of all the sad faces around him, he decided to go on a mission. He wanted to make 33,000 people smile.

With the help of his aunt, he began walking the streets, giving small toys and candy to people who looked as if they could use some cheering up. Steve Hartman of CBS’s On the Road series interviewed him. Grab a tissue and listen to the wisdom of one small boy.

The CBS video can’t be embedded on a Canadian site, but you can find it at the link of above. This short from Buzzer Airwaves is available anywhere.


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Michelle - September 2, 2015


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