Would you buy a $100 donut?

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 7.33.23 PMUnless your finances are a lot more secure than mine, you would likely laugh at the thought. But what if you knew that $100 was making someone else’s life a whole lot better?

I’m not kidding about the $100 donut (or doughnut or however you want to spell that tempting treat). Dolicious Donuts recently changed their old-style name from the Vineyard Bakery and Deli to something they hoped would be more trendy. What did not change was their commitment to fresh donuts, even though that means a 3 a.m. start for the bakers.

They added a drive-through lane. Yeah, yeah, I’m getting to the $100 donut. Be patient.

This bakery has redefined donuts. Oh, they do have the standards. After all, why mess with a good thing? But they stretch into the artsy and quirky. Where else can you buy a Frogger or a Banana Split donut?

Now, about that $100 donut. See, one guy wanted to propose to his sweetie at this bakery. Seems a bit weird to me. A donut shop? He must love those oh-so-fresh yum bums. He asked the owners to hide a diamond ring in a Bismark. That set the owners to wondering how they could turn that love-ly idea into a marketing ploy.

The idea they came up with included Pinot Gris wine, edible diamonds and gold flakes, and Balsama Oro. Those pricey ingredients move an ordinary donut into the stratosphere. When I first heard about this on CBC, I grumped my usual leftie grump. What a stupid waste of money for the over endowed.

But I was short sighted. This donut is over-the-top fun, and any profits feed the hungry in West Kelowna. (That’s in British Columbia, Canada, for those not familiar.) Beyond the glitzy donut, Dolicious gathers funds from generous patrons and anyone else willing to dole out extra cash. That money makes life a little easier for people who are struggling.

Most charitable donations rely on making people feel an edge of shame and guilt for being better off than the recipients of the largesse. Dolicious takes a different approach. They make people smile as they gather funds to help folks who are struggling.

I think we could learn something from them. And now I’m drooling at the thought of a Banana Split donut.



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