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For forty years Vijayan and his wife Mohana have sold tea from their tiny shop in Kochi, on the west coast of India. That is not a business with big profits, but that does not slow them down.

The couple has visited every scenic spot in India. They have traveled to 16 different countries. They are not done yet.

If you have ever had your big ideas shot down, you will understand that not everyone thinks Vijayan and Mohana have their heads on straight. What do they have to show for all that money spent gallivanting off to far-flung places?

Travelers and dreamers know what they have to show for it. They have the magic of memory. They have stories. They have dreams fulfilled.

Copybook Films captured their love, joy and wisdom in an enchanting short film, Invisible Wings. Hari M. Mohanan’s fledgling film company may not have a long list of credits, but this sweet, inspiring film makes me think they are poised to soar. And the kinds of things Mohanan posts on his Facebook timeline show a young man with heart.

So spend the next ten minutes watching this film. You might have to stop now and then to wipe away a few tears, but you will be rewarded by witnessing the realization of two powerful dreams: travel and filmmaking.

As Vijayan says in the film, “We have only one lifetime to do everything. You can’t create extra time for it.”


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