Sama Group is ENDING poverty for thousands

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Leila Janah, founder of Sama Group, from the company’s website

What if poverty were not inevitable? What if your charity donations could help people become tax payers instead of tax recipients? Would that influence your thinking about immigration, poverty, and…why not…the future of the world?

After watching the interview Marie Forleo did with Leila Janah, I’m prepared to throw my hat into the ring of people who believe miracles can be just a matter of caring enough.

Leila Janah is one smart cookie. She’s a Harvard graduate who was a misfit in the corporate world. She met some smart people born into situations that did not just clip their wings. They slashed them off.

But those people were intelligent, hard working and eager. Janah believed they deserved a chance. Watch this interview to see how she provided that chance.

Check out the Sama Group and watch a heart-touching video about one of their success stories, Martha.


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