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Would you share a table with the enemy?


Some of the delicious hummus bringing Arabs and Jews together; from Humus Bar’s Facebook photos

The Humus Bar* does not consider Jews and Arabs enemies, but it cannot ignore the growing intolerance of extremists on both sides of that equation. So they decided to offer a 50% discount to Jews and Arabs willing to sit down together over a delicious dish of hummus.

On October 12th, they posted a notice on their Facebook page:

Scared of Arabs?

Scared of Jews?

They went on to say there were no Arabs and no Jews at the Humus Bar, just human beings. What they did have was Arab hummus, Jewish falafels, and free hummus refills for anyone. Plus, since the food is kosher, it is also halal so a good place for people to come together.

Manager Kobi Tzafrir told the Times of Israel the idea has been bringing several tables of Arabs and Jews a day since the ad went on Facebook. He has had kudos from around the world.

The initiative was so successful they are hoping to kick start a world movement. They are challenging every humus-serving restaurant in the world to offer a 50% discount on any plate of hummus shared by Jews and Arabs.

Peace through hummus? Why not? We need some new ideas on that challenging front.

*humus or hummus or…? That’s the problem with transliteration. The bar itself translates the word as “humus”, while Times of Israel writes it “hummus”. Take your pick.


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