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Sometimes you just have to dance

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Pharrell was doing a show in Leeds, singing his popular “Happy” song. He invited kids to dance on stage with him. 7-year-old Dylan didn’t hesitate. While the other kids jumped around with enthusiasm, Dylan totally cut loose, to the cheers of his proud dad, Pharrell’s amazement, and the enthusiasm of the audience.

Dylan is one child who will grow up knowing his dad believes in him. He cheered the whole time Dylan was on stage and long after.

Both kid and parent were on a high that lasted well after Dylan was off stage. It was an evening neither of them will forget. On some day when the world’s not cheering and dark clouds have rolled in, Dylan can remember his moment in the lights, his dad’s pride, and his utter self-confidence. That’s a shiny stone to tuck in his memory and take out when he needs it.


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