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#301 – 400

301.  Flea market treasure finds its way home
302.  Allie is traveling the world
303.  The revolution will be pedal powered
304.  Otters and dogs in harmony
305.  Befriending the dark
306.  Random acts of kindness in Duvall, Washington
307.  So young, so beautiful
308.  Mary Maxwell makes aging a laughing matter
309.  Washing the neighbour’s laundry
310.  Farming Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside
311.  Old people in chairs
312.  Ospreys saved from eviction
313.  Love letters between Israel and Iran
314.  Small dog with a big heart
315.  Security in uncertainty
316.  Blind, not disabled
317.  From the streets to the concert hall
318.  All the world in the pages of a book
319.  Pride returns to Kelowna, B.C.
320.  Nine-Year-Old challenges unhealthy school lunches
321.  Saving lives with tiny bars of soap
322.  Taking the fear out of aging
323.  Lucy Mathews Heegaard sprinkles story magic
324.  Three goose families survived
325.  ElderSpirit brings depth and dignity to aging
326.  Loving the planet starts with one plastic bag
327.  Orphaned tiger cubs mothered by their dad
328. Waiter receives $5000 tip
329.  A life-saving song
330.  A cockatoo love story
331.  Farm in a truck
332.  Sunshine and smiles
333.  Ethical shopping guides
334.  Baby saved by a dog
335.  Aboriginal elder opens door to another world
336.  Changing the story saves Troy, MI, library
337.  Bringing hope from horror
338.  Friendship like a mini-U.N.
339.  Youth create one minute of hope
340.  Ours is the most peaceful era in history
341.  Ithaca’s cooperative bookstore
342.  Some graffiti is urban art
343.  Tim’s Place serves hugs with the burgers
344.  Pushcart classrooms for Manila’s slum children
345.  Free app for budding artists and writers
346.  A loving generosity
347.  Celebrating Canada’s birthday
348.  14-year-old rock promoter raises funds for LGBT youth
349.  Replace one-use takeout containers: The Tiffin Project
350.  Toronto musicians and Toronto Dominion take music to the street
351.  Transgender prom queen in Trenton, Ontario
352.  Boy with spastic cerebral palsy cheered on by school pals
353.  Poll shows Canadians are “stubbornly, solidly progressive”
354.  Some rats are heroes
355.  A little square of paper will transform the food system
356.  Love lessons from a chimp
357.  Spencer West redefines possible, climbing Kilimanjaro without legs
358.  A simple path to happiness
359.  Pensioner scares off jewelry thieves
360.  Three couples following their own dreams
361.  The 75/25 rule
362.  Life after hate is possible
363.  Mya has two moms
364.  The kindness of strangers
365.  Downtown Kelowna just got bike friendlier
366.  A dog doesn’t judge
367.  Elephants mourn a human friend
368.  Soft summer evenings
369.  Dancing for joy, dancing for peace
370.  Vancouver, B.C., plants urban orchards
371.  Draw happy invites you to share your happiness
372.  Record-setting gymnast at 86
373.  The generosity of a talented artist
374.  Sometimes we are incredibly brave
375.  Claiming our “I am”
376.  Learning to fly
377.  Lecturing with laughs
378.  Teen stands firm against injustice
379.  Victim no more
380.  Fly a kite for clean air
381.  One man’s wild dream
382.  Chicago youth planting hope
383.  Kansas City’s Sweet Potato Project
384.  Teen makes breast biopsies easier and more accurate
385.  A great day on the planet
386.  Pedal-powered washing machine
387.  CDZA’s bi-weekly musical video experiment
388.  The gift of belief
389.  Transgender athlete breaks barriers
390.  Slow and steady wins the race
391.  Randy Pausch’s last lecture
392.  Retouching photos, rebuilding lives
393.  Kelowna’s Pride Festival 2012
394.  Skills, Inclusion & Joy: Farm at Cedar Woods
395.  The world is Nicholas McCarthy’s oyster
396.  The revolution in Incredible Edible Todmorden
397.  The miracle trees of Africa
398.  Cougar Annie’s courage
399.  Tale of the Tamworth Two
400.  Immigrant custodian graduates from Columbia University