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#401 – 500

401.  Former inmate changed his life, now changes others’
402.  Roanoke businesses say NO to homophobia
403.  Ten-year-old persuades Jamba Juice to drop Styrofoam
404.  Celebrating 60 years of marriage
405.  Weaving mindfulness with a strand of science
406.  Solar technology for drying fruit
407.  Scientists declare animals have consciousness
408.  Joy is the heart of learning
409.  Music in the Copenhagen Metro
410.  Fred delivers the bread
411.   Paring down, freeing up
412.  Lillian Alling’s long walk
413.  Dad wears a skirt to support his son
414.  Reusable produce bags
415.  Ferry-riding goose
416.  Laptop theft prompts generous gesture
417.  The home where hope lives
418.  Feast on amazement
419.  Underwater wheelchair ballet
420.  He feeds their hunger for music
421.  Seduced by literature
422.  Cop to the duckling rescue
423.  London’s edible bus stops
424.  iHollaback is challenging street harassment
425.  Calling the birds
426.  Holding hands with a seal
427.  The land of happy chickens
428.  Building oases in food deserts
429.  Food lovers celebrating in Williams Lake
430.  Australia’s Hawkesbury Harvest a successful model
431.  Baby bookworm
432.  Lakota Solar, a new way of honouring nature
433.  Doing it for our grandchildren
434.  A hands-on revolution
435.  Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope
436.  One man’s vision saved British Columbia’s farmland
437.  Birds teach science to elementary students
438.  Prodding power with humour
439.  The informed optimism of Dr. Vandana Shiva
440.  The blessing of bees
441.  Eclipse Awards: a business role model
442.  La Via Campesina, a global voice for justice
443.  Return of the Elbe River salmon
444.  UBC students create clever metaphor for species extinction
445.  South Bronx chickens deliver more than eggs
446.  Tender letters to 16-year-old selves in ‘Dear Me’
447.  Slow grandparents at play
448.  Brain candy for treats
449.  Harmless graffiti and healing arts
450.  One Billion Rising for an end to violence against women
451.  A waterproof cardboard bike
452.  Kaiser Permanente walks the healthy-eating talk
453.  Subversive seeds plant hope
454.  The public in libraries
455.  Teasing different music from a violin
456.  A curious taste for winter
457.  Wisdom from the bear of Very Little Brain
458.  Walkable neighbourhoods
459.  Fooducate’s end run around Big Food
460.  Otters return to England’s rivers
461.  Steal this blog
462.  Maybe crickets care
463.  Scooter gran a hit with skateboarders
464.  Youth step forward on climate change
465.  Loving “The Other”
466.  Happiness is infectious
467.  Painted heads support literacy
468.  Goat saves her farmer
469.  Bhopal’s healing garden
470.  Pastor cleverly undermines anti-LGBT arguments
471.  Self to self: I’m OK – really!
472.  Trumpeter swans and being neighbourly
473.  A child-friendly path to happiness
474.  Aging into love and loving into age
475.  Science – in delicious doses
476.  A library that struts its stuff
477.  Bishop Gene Robinson, count me in
478.  Toronto school raises vegetables and fish
479.  A people’s revolution in Detroit
480.  With a little help from a friend
481.  Living large
482.  Storytelling our way to health
483.  The old violinist
484.  Choose happiness
485.  Requiem for a street fighter
486.  For love of pit bulls
487.  We can change
488.  More trees, less crime
489.  Thumbing their nose at the 1%
490.  Clowning for love
491.  A cellist like no other
492.  Magical, musical swings
493.  A dream job that’s all about loving
494.  The city’s heart on life support
495.  “We’re not dumb kids”
496.  Adventures of a no-longer-lonely cat
497.  Slash the food portions; ramp up the self-confidence
498.  How old is too old?
499.  One man’s dream becomes India’s Magic Bus
500.  Healing the planet