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#501 – 600

501.  Halfway there – why blogging matters to me
502.  African girls invent pee-powered generator
503.  Muslims, Christians make music together
504.  Dementia in Denmark
505.  Healed by books
506.  Blues at the Boh
507.  Violent crime drops in New York City
508.  Help-Portrait Vancouver makes people smile
509.  Small steps, big difference
510.  Gorilla love
511.  Glorious music from recycled-trash instruments
512.  Lowly kale reaches stardom
513.  Detroit’s miles-long playground
514.  Gardening in potholes
515.  Mr. Happy Man
516.  Before I die…
517.  Humans sharing the planet
518.  Don Ritchie, Angel of the Gap
519.  Squeaky-toy birds
520.  Tell him your secrets
521.  An early gift from a Christmas angel
522.  Thank the cockroach
523.  BeLonG To is making a rainbow
524.  Frank Foley forgives a thief
525.  Kitten and her crow mother
526.  The tricky balance between youth and age
527.  Steve Goodier’s story gifts
528.  A nibble of chocolate is a giant leap
529.  Luis Soriano Bohorquez’s Biblioburro
530.  Boyd Lee Dunlop’s Buffalo Blues
531.  Saving seeds, saving the future
532.  Police and firefighters rebuild a house
533.  Saving water in Oklahoma City
534.  A busman and his bees
535.  Taking on the youth and beauty police
536.  Growing food in Vancouver
537.  Fake it until you become it
538.  Adbusters tweaks powerful noses
539.  A cardboard arcade becomes a global movement
540.  A quick history of climate change negotiations
541.  Love without limits
542.  Dave’s Killer Bread
543.  LifeStraw filters deliver low-cost, safe water
544.  Octagenarian behind 1st US town to ban sale of plastic bottles
545.  Lizzie Velasquez is beautiful
546.  Freedom to marry
547.  The Gulabi Gang
548.  Giant dandelion to clear land mines
549.  Nature thrives in the Korean DMZ
550.  Standing up for LGBT rights
551.  Melbourne’s catch campaign: dumb ways to die
552.  Sweet syrup on a SoulPancake
553.  AOH gives youth a chance
554.  This university is a hole in the wall
555.  Shift delivers the goods by tricycle
556.  Cash mob rallies to support hardware store
557.  Re-balancing gender in media
558.  Fife Diet reduces carbon foodprints
559.  The appeal of small spaces
560.  Eli’s gift, to his family and the world
561.  Toothpick whimsy of Scott Weaver
562.  Environmental message that just might work
563.  J-Mac’s best shot
564.  Poetry slams and word lovers
565.  Cows power BC homes and businesses
566.  Giving voice to women in Afghanistan
567.  Tasting the earth
568.  Westboro drug store sells health
569.  Sometimes it feels good to be wrong
570.  Bolivia’s Mother Earth Law
571.  Small idea saves big money
572.  They grow biodegradable plastics
573.  The Baglady’s message for the planet
574.  The village that ended genital cutting
575.  A refuge called The PLACE
576.  Tireless worms transform our waste
577.  Young and wayward and full of hope
578.  Edythe Kirchmaier’s longevity secrets
579.  Garden in a gutter
580.  Life-saving chicken
581.  Technology not damaging imagination
582.  The irrepressible Talia’s cancer journey
583.  India’s Seed Mothers
584.  Astronaut jams with Barenaked Ladies
585.  Phenomenal power of the mind
586.  Hard to stay depressed around Mike the Mailman
587.  Malala Yousafzai, fierce warrior for girls’ education
588.  Land of vodka and smokes goes smoke free
589.  The streets are their canvas
590.  Make-A-Wish Foundation Builds Purpose and Hope
591.  Students take lead to end hunger in Canada
592.  Finland’s fear-free schools
593.  Greek island where long life is the norm
594.  Shelby’s happy chickens lay gold for the family
595.  Mexico City’s Transit Turnaround
596.  He painted the town red…and blue, yellow, orange, green
597.  Albert Lexie’s soul-deep goodness
598.  Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera risks all for LGBT justice
599.  Kindness is contagious
600.  The value of 140 characters