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#701 – 800

701.  Making end-of-life conversations easier
702.  TimeSlips, storytelling within dementia
703.  Kamloops invites the public to eat the produce
704.  Storytelling’s beating heart
705.  Shane Burcaw’s laughing spirit
706.  Jayden’s Pink Lemonade Stand for Peace
707.  He doesn’t flush it; he spreads it
708.  Use Carrotmob to vote with your money
709.  Gun violence is down in the U.S.
710.  From Tanya Davis’s spirit to ours
711.  Two more LGBTQ barriers fall
712.  In praise of the aging body
713.  Go ahead and talk with your hands
714.  Yo-yo artist shows passion plus practice equals success
715.  The place of stillness
716.  Richard Wagamese is changing the world, one story at a time
717.  Young philanthropist dreams big
718.  Swashbuckling grand re-opening of Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum
719.  Romance writers save the house and hit the big time
720.  Children at the Well spread peace
721.  Kevin Briggs meets man he saved from suicide
722.  Helping everyone shine
723.  Photographer’s mistake creates opportunity
724.  Homeless woman who returned $10,000 no longer homeless
725.  Special pageant for special girls
726.  Kids raising funds to save Tasmanian devils
727.  He conquered hate with love
728.  A couple, a canoe and a dream
729.  Find hope in small things
730.  Anne Lamott gives us permission to love our flawed selves
731.  Dogs as drug and alcohol therapy
732.  The poet in the hardware store
733.  Toys for girls who are budding engineers
734.  Tarra, Bella and friendship’s mysterious chemistry
735.  Cerrie Burnell helps pull off our blinders
736.  Farming an office building
737.  A Song of our Warming Planet
738.  Jeanne Socrates sails solo around the world – at 70
739.  Language evolves as we do
740.  Printing miracles with a 3D printer
741.  Tweeting their way to English mastery
742.  William Kamkwamba’s windmills
743.  Dewitt Jones celebrates what’s right with the world
744.  They lift what’s draggin’
745.  Stephen Fry takes on the language snobs
746.  Sometimes songs are a musical hug
747.  Hope in the ‘hood
748.  The man who saved 2 million babies
749.  Dashrath Manjhi moved the mountain
750.  In praise of cloud watching
751.  Teen tackles climate change
752.  Dementia Dog helps families live well with dementia
753.  Wild dolphins call each other by name
754.  Lissa Rankin’s healing path
755.  Women In Black demonstrate for peace
756.  Homing pigeons have built-in GPS
757.  Young athlete gives up final season to save a life
758.  Papergirls deliver the art
759.  Book boxes create community
760.  British Columbia’s Pride celebrations
761.  Jazz musicians make profound statement about ‘mistakes’
762.  Los Angeles fights gang violence with fun
763.  Rafael Leonardo Black’s 5-decade overnight success
764.  The Dalai Lama is high on hope
765.  Manila paints the air clean
766.  Texting is the end of communication…or is it?
767.  Rachel Parent trumps Kevin O’Leary on GMO
768.  They’re planting Fresh Roots in the heart of Vancouver, B.C.
769.  Moral Monday warns the far right, “Your time is up”
770.  Three young Muslims make NYC homeless smile
771.  The deep doubt of true faith
772.  Hear the planet sing
773.  Turn down the heat
774.  A global golden rule
775.  Flying fingers, blazing music
776.  Down in the muck, up in the stars
777.  The flower of hope blossoms in darkness
778.  The future of books is sturdy
779.  Listening peace into the world
780.  Invasive plants get their goats
781.  Blackthorn’s musical welcome
782.  Father Bourgeois excommunicated for supporting women’s ordination
783.  FarmFolk CityFolk celebrates 20th anniversary
784.  If this pack could talk…
785.  At 90, Ethiopian pianist becomes reluctant celebrity
786.  Dreams survive disasters
787.  Sarah Horn was ready for magic
788.  Love that farmers’ market!
789.  They find keys to locked doors
790.  Boys with painted nails
791.  They brake for toads
792.  Sustainable agriculture can feed the world
793.  Really, really free stuff
794.  Hope is the heart of prosperity
795.  A love so true — Fred and Lorraine Stobaugh
796.  This one’s for you, Jeanne
797.  A girl and her dog graduate from the University of Illinois
798.  The bishop who rocked the Anglican Church of Canada
799.  Manal al-Sharif, villain at home, hero abroad
800.  Phoenix rises from ashes of West Kelowna fire