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#801 – 900

801.  Plant trees while you search the Internet
802.  Growing pearls from pain
803.  The generous lottery winner of Terrace, B.C.
804.  Really Local food for really local kids
805.  Showered with blessings
806.  Cheryl Strayed’s radical sincerity
807.  He’s saving the world by planting trees
808.  An economy of real wealth
809.  Towering talent, modest man
810.  Pint-sized powerhouse wows XFactor judges
811.  Elderly gays marry in Chula Vista veterans’ home
812.  The endless world close at hand
813.  Teen invents the real ever-ready flashlight
814.  Buzzing socialists who pollinate our food
815.  Log on in Atlin, BC; study with prof in Melbourne
816.  Bravery behind the veil
817.  Rainbow spirit in rainbow stairs
818.  Guardians of vacant property
819.  Good government starts at home
820.  Gift of $10.03 goes viral
821.  Everyone is a star in this international hockey tournament
822.  Canceled wedding reception becomes banquet for homeless
823.  Nothing stops the Mogus sisters
824.  Flash mob farewell for a beloved principal
825.  Eerie world of the sea
826.  Warmth and laughter of Pema Chödrön
827.  Youth not waiting for adults to clean up their act
828.  The Kiwi who married a Bedouin
829.  Healing and reconciliation in the heart of British Columbia
830.  Young man’s ocean clean-up plan just might work
831.  Best bat boy ever
832.  Breaking the STEM barriers
833.  Never too old to chase your dreams
834.  Mark Wahlberg graduates from high school at 42
835.  Shy Australian 14-year-old rocks the XFactor
836.  “We cause problems, but we can also fix problems”
837.  The ethereal cricket chorus
838.  Playgrounds that generate power
839.  Gary Slutkin’s plan to Cure Violence
840.  Alice Munro makes the personal universal
841.  Young Agrarians plow path for new generation of farmers
842.  Wael Farouk’s impossible dream
843.  From poop to power
844.  A bill collector who brings people hope
845.  Teen’s invention could charge your cell phone in 20 seconds
846.  Kids teach adults a lesson in acceptance
847.  Justice finally served in Texas, thanks to persistent investigators
848.  Minnesota hospital staff infects children’s cancer ward with joy
849.  Two fashionistas with flair and Down syndrome
850.  Viktor Frankl found meaning even in a concentration camp
851.  Horses give wings to special riders
852.  Solar Suitcases and safe childbirth
853.  Land sharing in the city
854.  Tamil Nadu Women’s Collective changing the future
855.  Painting hope for cancer patients
856.  Mission Kids mend lives
857.  Nothing keeps Rodan from his beloved Malena
858.  Next generation of tech stars in L.A.s grittiest neighbourhoods
859.  Finding our rainbow connection
860.  A salute to the misfits and rebels
861.  Mighty midget algae fight climate change
862.  Mobile Good Food Market brings rain to Toronto’s food deserts
863.  Government innovation is not an oxymoron
864.  Paul Quinn College grows health and teaches hope
865.  A modest angel who saved 669 children
866.  Stories to inspire hope
867.  Reaching for life on other planets
868.  Luxury in a shoebox brightens spirits in women’s shelters
869.  Joey becomes Josie
870.  Alabama architecture students design the $20,000 house
871.  Blind Texan builds his own house
872.  Tracking biodiversity
873.  Come out of your closet
874.  Talented young photographer with Down syndrome
875.  We walk taller because of Nelson Mandela
876.  Collective wisdom of The Elders in service of the world’s people
877.  The actors are prisoners; Shakespeare knew their souls
878.  Singing tunes up our brains
879.  Shattered houses, healed lives
880.  Hero of the Mississippi River
881.  Kelowna, BC’s dance hall legend
882.  Tweaking children’s Tastebuds in Hamilton, Ontario
883.  Six Fabulous Fashionistas with an average age of 80
884.  Pig to the rescue
885.  Smile! You’ve been tagged with kindness
886.  Dolls for World Peace connects seniors and children
887.  The poorest president in the world, by choice
888.  Since 2007 children have planted nearly 13 billion trees
889.  The Hallelujah Chorus that went viral
890.  Three F’s of a good life
891.  Angels who wrap their wings around troubled families
892.  Scrap wood, gutsy kids and football triumph
893.  Son makes amends for dad’s crime
894.  Digital storytelling can move us
895.  Janey Cutler had no regrets
896.  Figure out what you hope for
897.  Sally Kohn on conversations that lead to change
898.  Ex-gay organization changed direction and apologized
899.  Beauty in imperfection
900.  Making the world safer for women