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901.  A different kind of pope
902.  The custodian who changes lives
903.  Ken Robinson inspires education revolution
904.  Youth acting “as if the future matters”
905.  Defender of Jewish children
906.  Brené Brown lightens our loads
907.  Enrique Peñalosa’s dream of cities for people, not cars
908.  Love in a pink tutu
909.  Kids making the age pie bigger
910.  Saved by books…and high expectations
911.  Nigeria’s Lady Mechanics
912.  Quixote Village offers homeless people dignity
913.  Botswana chooses compassion
914.  Phoenix rises from ashes of a schoolhouse massacre
915.  The peaceful path of Thích Nhất Hạnh
916.  Activist grandmothers tackle the halls of power`
917.  Dance breaks down their prison walls
918.  Couple’s future rescued by social media
919.  They turn pollution into plastic
920.  Common Man Party fights corruption in India
921.  Where people and planet trump cars
922.  Community shops keep rural villages alive
923.  Suspend the next two coffees, please
924.  A heretic in the halls of finance
925.  Wildlife as teachers
926.  Eat the park!
927.  A gift from Pete Seeger
928.  A company that builds in joy
929.  Finding happiness in less
930.  Music to still the beast
931.  And still the joy lives on
932.  Living by hope
933.  The train maker’s big-hearted love
934.  The ephemeral snow art of Simon Beck
935.  A gentle guide to mindfulness
936.  Waldorf Astoria honours a 66-year marriage
937.  Seniors ham it up to Carly Rae Jepsen’s pop hit
938.  Loyal friends find their forever home
939.  Teaching physics with a big dose of love
940.  Music for the masses
941.  For love of a pig
942.  A little boy with no friends suddenly has thousands
943.  Soup’s always on at NANA’s
944.  Sharing the wealth
945.  France’s Baba Yaga House is a model for healthy aging
946.  Parker Palmer offers a rope to souls caught in a blizzard
947.  Kids knew she believed in them
948.  Homes for the chronically homeless
949.  Shane Koyczan, the people’s poet
950.  After 2.5 years at the bottom of lake Tahoe, the photos came home
951.  Plastic elephants are saving environments
952.  Simple tip to end bullying in schools
953.  Record-breaking track star at 95
954.  From bombs to lightbulbs
955.  Happy to be here
956.  A path from despair to hope
957.  Draw your way out of any pit
958.  Pakistan’s living saint
959.  Catch the hope habit
960.  The child with 5 names and 3 parents
961.  Winds of hope blow through Tunisia
962.  South African turns neknominating into a force for good
963.  The dramatic fall of domestic violence in the U.S.
964.  The stories behind the goods
965.  Window washing superheroes cheer sick children
966.  Never underestimate rural communities
967.  The secret to conquering stage fright
968.  Dog with three legs and boy with genetic disorder are best friends
969.  The unmatchable bond between twins
970.  Talking plants
971.  She turns plastic pollution into art for hope
972.  Teenagers return an old woman’s love
973.  Bullies challenged by a 9-year-old girl
974.  This Brigade turns toothpaste tubes into tote bags
975.  Carly Fleischmann, the voice of severe autism
976.  Maybe science can make us wiser
977.  The world in a drop of blood
978.  Chris Hedges, warrior of hope
979.  Cupcakes and open hearts at Cristina’s Tortina
980.  Moin Khan, motorcyclist for peace
981.  Restoring justice, restoring joy
982.  The right stories can change our brains
983.  Harry Potter fans are changing the world
984.  Facebook connects aging street poet with a global audience
985.  Dan Dolderman’s Unstoppable Snowball
986.  Aging adventurers take to the open road
987.  Pianist with four fingers and an irrepressible spirit
988.  The wolves who restored Yellowstone
989.  The wizard of plastic recycling
990.  Eric Whitacre lays song lines around the globe
991.  Pint-sized model of compassion
992.  An orchard blooms in the heart of Vancouver
993.  And the blind shall see
994.  Not your ordinary microscope or ordinary thinking
995.  Radical kindness, radical generosity can change the world
996.  Wide open to gratitude
997.  Finding hope in a quirky, creative woman called SARK
998.  Grandma Betty’s rise to stardom
999.  She made a huge mistake and has the courage to apologize
1000.  Going the extra mile for a friend