#628 Birds-of-Paradise Project inspires awe


They have tramped through the jungles of New Guinea, Australia and nearby islands. They have hung precariously from trees. They have carried hundreds of pounds of photography gear. Thanks to the dogged efforts of Cornell Lab of Ornithology scientist Ed…


#621 Freshen your home with cow poo

Bali cattle

Seriously, they want me to spray cow poo around my house after I’ve cooked something particularly malodorous? According to a post on Treehugger, that is exactly what Dwi Nailul Izzah and Rintya Aprianti Miki have in mind. The two bright…


#615 Youth’s simple invention saves lions

Richard Turere

Lions were killing the Turere family’s cattle. Richard began looking after the livestock when he was only 9. Each day he would take them out to the field for grazing. In the evening he would pen them in the small…


#612 Oscar the cat attends dying patients

Oscar the cat

Oscar was still a kitten when he found an unusual forever home. When he was adopted from a Providence, Rhode Island, animal shelter, he was taken to a ward for end-stage dementia patients. He is likely one of the few…


#606 This bug is an artist

Hubert Duprat

I bow before the superior artistry of the caddisfly larvae. The ubiquitous insects weave complex silken sheaths to protect themselves in the watery homes where they await transformation. My uncle fished trout streams any time he had a break from…


#580 Life-saving chicken

Bonnie and her four chicks. She hatched all four eggs.

Cluck Cluck the hen did not care that she had been given a ridiculous name. She didn’t care any more than Bonnie cared when I tucked her into my arms, grateful for her affection. What Cluck Cluck cared about was…


#549 Nature thrives in the Korean DMZ

Korean DMZ wildlife sanctuary

Except for a South Korean rice village at its western end, the Korean Demilitarized Zone is an unpopulated, 4-km wide buffer zone separating the two Koreas. It was never intended to be an experiment in re-establishing diversity, but that is…


#541 Love without limits

White dove

The white dove lost his leg and became a resident of the Wild Rose Rescue Ranch in Texas, where he was named Noah. A family of rabbits was attacked by a dog. The mother was killed, and the three surviving…


#525 Kitten and her crow mother

Crow and her kitten

In 1999 Wallace and Ann Collito of North Attleboro, Massachusetts, were sitting on their front porch when they saw a tiny kitten wander by. Several days later they saw the kitten again. This time she had a companion, a crow.…

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