#1002 24 hours of happiness


The Pharrell Williams song, Happy, has taken the world by storm. All around the globe people have been creating videos with their own versions of happy dancing. The song is irresistible. Even the United Nations couldn’t hold back and chose…


#996 Wide open to gratitude

Be wide open to gratitude

When KindSpring launched a 21-Day Kindness Challenge, 6000 people from 98 countries signed on to consciously perform acts of kindness. KindSpring followed that up with a 21-Day Gratitude Challenge that inspired even more people in more countries to participate. Two…


#964 The stories behind the goods

Stéphane Hubert in his workshop

In the leafy town of Berea, Kentucky, Warren May makes exquisite dulcimers and fine furniture. One day in 1990 my former husband and I wandered into his shop just at closing time. He chatted as if we had walked in…


#957 Draw your way out of any pit


Words have always spilled more easily from my pen than images, but Hannah Hinchman awakened me to the possibility that even someone as art-challenged as I could find pleasure and satisfaction in drawing. Actually, she did more than that with…


#955 Happy to be here

Kelowna Marina, in the heart of the city

This is a love letter to my small city, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. All I need to do to remind me why I love it here is to look out the window. If I peer over my left shoulder, I…

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