#796 This one’s for you, Jeanne

Jeanne Hardy and Liz Weir

I have just been listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s conversation with Caroline Baum at the Sydney Opera House. They spoke in April 2013, and the video is almost as good as being there. For me, it is also timely. I write…


#787 Sarah Horn was ready for magic

Kristin Chenoweth and Sarah Horn on stage at the Hollywood Bowl

  Mike Kestler was in the Hollywood Bowl audience when Kristin Chenoweth invited his friend to the stage to sing “For Good” (from the hit musical Wicked) with her. Thanks to the video he posted, we can all share in…


#781 Blackthorn’s musical welcome

Blackthorn musicians

As an American newly arrived in Canada in 1990, I felt a homesickness so deep I thought I would drown in it. Canadian folk musicians threw me a lifeline and pulled me to shore. They never knew how important they…


#778 The future of books is sturdy

E-reader between bookends

Books are my delight. I can spend hours touching them, leafing through them, smelling them, delighting in them…and, of course, reading them. I live walking distance from a city library and an independent book store, which makes me feel incredibly…


#775 Flying fingers, blazing music

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

Spoiler alert! Close your eyes and listen to the video below. Guess the ages of the three musicians. Then read on. I am in awe of the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys. The brothers were on a TED stage in February…


#758 Papergirls deliver the art

Papergirl Kelowna 2013

People were frustrated in 2005 when Berlin authorities declared that sticking up posters was the paper equivalent of paint-can graffiti. Artists who had been sharing art in public spaces by posting placards were suddenly committing a criminal act. The artists…

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