#993 And the blind shall see

Aravind Eye Hospital

A network of profitable hospitals that provide free and ultra-subsidized eye care for millions of Indians began as the unlikely dream of a retired doctor. Anyone can use these private hospitals and pay only what they can afford, or nothing…


#989 The wizard of plastic recycling

Akinori Ito and the Blest machine

Ingenuity and dismay are the driving forces behind an invention that is turning plastic into oil. Recycling plastic will never be enough. We have to reduce. But that is much easier said than done, which is why we need people…


#965 Window washing superheroes cheer sick children

ANSI superhero window washers

When Spider-Man is spotted washing windows, the Internet buzzes. Sometimes the buzzing gets the facts wrong, but these superheroes really were spotted not just washing windows but putting huge smiles on the faces of young hospital patients. At LeBonheur Children’s…


#951 Plastic elephants are saving environments

Ocean Sole rhinoceros

Kenya’s beaches are littered with discarded flip-flops. The good news is that many of them are being turned into colourful works of art. Ocean Sole was started in 1997 by Julie Church, a marine conservationist from Kenya. Working on a…


#943 Soup’s always on at NANA’s

Volunteers at the NANA cafe

Remembering my Aunt Grace’s kitchen always brings on a wave of nostalgia. Gourmet was not on the menu, but good ingredients, prepared with love, went into every dish on her bountiful table. Anyone who showed up unannounced was offered a…


#928 A company that builds in joy

Menlo Innovations employees

Would you be more eager to go to work in the morning if you did not have to spend time in boring meetings, had a 40-hour cap on your work week (and no work on weekends), had no flood of…


#924 A heretic in the halls of finance

Brett Scott

If we had any lingering illusions about the global finance system, they came crashing down in 2008 and in the years that followed. As usual, the manipulators landed on their feet and threw the rest of us into the trash…

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