#1002 24 hours of happiness


The Pharrell Williams song, Happy, has taken the world by storm. All around the globe people have been creating videos with their own versions of happy dancing. The song is irresistible. Even the United Nations couldn’t hold back and chose…


Keep your hope habit strong


New posts will appear here every Sunday, but those of you who want a daily infusion of hope will find it on Hope Habit. Grab the habit with daily posts, inspiring quotes you can download and post anywhere, heart-opening music,…


#1001 Addicted to hope


I have acquired a new addiction: hope. As addictions go, it is one of the healthier ones. Now when I find myself dissolving into despair over the world’s ills or my own failings, I have 1000 reasons to get over…


#998 Grandma Betty’s rise to stardom


The photo above is Zach’s favourite, of Grandma Betty doing her duck face while giving the peace sign. Grandma Betty may be battling cancer, but the 80-year-old is going out in style, thanks to her great-grandson’s decision to post photos…


#996 Wide open to gratitude

Be wide open to gratitude

When KindSpring launched a 21-Day Kindness Challenge, 6000 people from 98 countries signed on to consciously perform acts of kindness. KindSpring followed that up with a 21-Day Gratitude Challenge that inspired even more people in more countries to participate. Two…


#993 And the blind shall see

Aravind Eye Hospital

A network of profitable hospitals that provide free and ultra-subsidized eye care for millions of Indians began as the unlikely dream of a retired doctor. Anyone can use these private hospitals and pay only what they can afford, or nothing…


#986 Aging adventurers take to the open road

Road Scholars hiking in Glacier National Park

Who can resist a name like Road Scholar for a travel program designed for aging adventurers? Elderhostel has been around for a long time, but somehow I had missed its morphing into Road Scholar. That is a much more inspiring…

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