#759 Book boxes create community

Victoria little free library

I stumbled onto the Little Free Library early in my search for 1001 reasons for hope. The idea of planting small book boxes around neighbourhoods enchanted me. When Kate Sutherland posted the link to a video about some of them…


#758 Papergirls deliver the art

Papergirl Kelowna 2013

People were frustrated in 2005 when Berlin authorities declared that sticking up posters was the paper equivalent of paint-can graffiti. Artists who had been sharing art in public spaces by posting placards were suddenly committing a criminal act. The artists…


#747 Hope in the ‘hood

Hope in Shadows award ceremony

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) was once the thriving hub of the city. As department stores and other businesses began leaving the neighbourhood, it went into a slide, gradually earning the designation as “Canada’s poorest postal code”. It is still home…


#745 Stephen Fry takes on the language snobs

Stephen Fry at BorderKitchen

British actor, writer, comedian, and filmmaker Stephen Fry has been an audience favourite for many years. Robin’s niece, Tanya, posted a link to a video created by Matthew Rogers, using Fry’s words. In the video, Fry punctures the balloon of…


#732 The poet in the hardware store

Chagrin Falls Hardware

Some encounters leave grooves in our memories. Meeting a poet in the hardware store was one of those for me. The hardware need that sent me to the jumbled aisles of the store has receded in my memory. I’m not…


#727 He conquered hate with love

KKK cross burning

Johnny Lee Clary was one of the Ku Klux Klan’s most influential leaders. He became a Pentecostal Christian and globe-trotting preacher with a message of racial unity. He traveled from hate to love because of Rev. Wade Watts, a black…


#704 Storytelling’s beating heart

Photo clip of Doc McConnell from video below

When Doc McConnell died on August 16, 2008, part of the beating heart of storytelling grew still. Only a week before, he had taken the stage at the National Storytelling Conference to the cheers and applause of a standing ovation.…


#699 Ushahidi puts power in people’s hands


“Free cultures get what they celebrate.” Clay Shirky “We have to get better at telling our stories.” Ory Okollah One of the best technology innovations I have come across lately is the BRCK. The prototype was developed in Nairobi, Kenya.…


#698 Re-thinking land use

Hendrick Farm beets

Subdivisions and malls sprawl over land that once grew food in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, where I live. Orchard Plaza is a parking lot dotted with shops. Streets with names such as Apple Brook and Applecrest are covered with houses.…

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