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#929 Finding happiness in less

By Cathryn Wellner / January 31, 2014

Filmmaker Tom Shadyac would likely have gone on acquiring possessions on the profits of comedies such as Liar Liar, Ace Ventura Pet Detective and Bruce Almighty if a mountain biking accident had not scrambled his brain. He recovered from the bad scrapes, the broken hand and even the concussion. What he did not recover from […]


#913 Botswana chooses compassion

By Cathryn Wellner / January 15, 2014

On December 12, 2013 the international Charter for Compassion (see A global golden rule) gained a new signature, this time a whole nation. With the Botho Declaration, Botswana joins a global movement to bring more compassion into the world. Many cities, organizations and individuals have signed the Charter, but Botswana is the first to commit […]


#907 Enrique Peñalosa’s dream of cities for people, not cars

By Cathryn Wellner / January 9, 2014

In the three years Enrique Peñalosa was mayor of Bogotá, Colombia he stirred up a lot of controversy by challenging some “norms” of city life, such as parking on sidewalks and forcing bicycles to compete with traffic. He had the radical idea that cities should be for people rather than cars. That did not make […]


#906 Brené Brown lightens our loads

By Cathryn Wellner / January 8, 2014

With less than 100 postings to go to reach my goal of 1001 hope-FULL reasons for optimism, I’m going through the thousands (literally) of possibilities in my files and trying to decide which simply must be included. That is not an easy task, especially since I add more reasons to the files every day. Today […]


#896 Figure out what you hope for

By Cathryn Wellner / December 29, 2013

Hope has been on my mind lately and not just because I am on a daily search for reasons to be hopeful. Friends are facing challenges that make hope seem like a shiny bauble on a Christmas tree—pretty but perhaps not relevant. And that doesn’t take into account all the horrors being perpetrated around the […]


#894 Digital storytelling can move us

By Cathryn Wellner / December 27, 2013

One of the best storytelling curators on is Gregg Morris. Recently he posted a link to an ad that relates a touching human drama in just 3.5 minutes. Grab a tissue, and watch “Reunion” (below) from Google India. Within this small production are major themes, both historical and emotional. It reminds us that when […]


#893 Son makes amends for dad’s crime

By Cathryn Wellner / December 26, 2013

If we need more proof that we are not consigned to the scrap heap of life just because we come from a troubled family, we should pay attention to the story of Christian Lunsford. His dad exited the family scene when Christian was two and spent the next 13 years in and out of jail. […]


#890 Three F’s of a good life

By Cathryn Wellner / December 23, 2013

When a Facebook friend posted a link to the video below, I grinned and chuckled all the way through it. Sandy and Richard Riccardi capture the challenges of today’s dinner parties, where guests may have all kinds of diet restrictions. When the video ended, my thoughts turned to family, friends and food, three F’s that […]


#889 The Hallelujah Chorus that went viral

By Cathryn Wellner / December 22, 2013

Tiny Quinhagak, Alaska, put itself on the map almost exactly three years ago today, when a video from there went viral. James Barthelman, a teacher who in 2005 moved with his wife from Nebraska to the village, had a creative, inclusive idea. Make signs with all the syllables of Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus. Have children and […]


#886 Dolls for World Peace connects seniors and children

By Cathryn Wellner / December 19, 2013

The people who make the dolls are seniors in assisted living facilities in Sunrise, Florida. The children around the world who receive the dolls are victims of illness or loss. The soft, colourful, flannel dolls comfort the children. Making them gives people at the other end of their lives a sense of pride and accomplishment. […]

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