#808 An economy of real wealth

Wall Street sign

This morning another handful of schemes for making piles of money came to me via Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail. What they all had in common was the message that money was the measure of my worth, and they each had…


#805 Showered with blessings

Blessing of flowers

The lure of a book bargain is irresistible so when Book Gorilla included a link to Pam Grout’s E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality in its daily e-newsletter, I clicked on it. It makes…


#804 Really Local food for really local kids

U-pick strawberries

Finding reliable markets for local, sustainably produced foods can be a challenge for farmers. So a group of about 30 of them in New Brunswick’s southeastern region have formed a cooperative, whose mission is to promote sustainable agriculture. I like…


#796 This one’s for you, Jeanne

Jeanne Hardy and Liz Weir

I have just been listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s conversation with Caroline Baum at the Sydney Opera House. They spoke in April 2013, and the video is almost as good as being there. For me, it is also timely. I write…


#784 If this pack could talk…


I have had the same pack for over 30 years now. It is a leather pack my brother and his wife bought me for Christmas one year. The photograph is of the good side. It doesn’t show the dark stain…


#779 Listening peace into the world

Palestinians and Israelis engaged in compassionate listening

Israel’s announcement it plans to build “thousands of homes” in the West Bank over the coming year made me think of The Compassionate Listening Project (TCLP). Although the training they have developed is effective in any setting, their organizational work…


#770 Three young Muslims make NYC homeless smile

Make the homeless smile

They were just three young Muslim students living in New York and having a good time making videos. Their YouTube channel name, TrueStoryASA, pairs their intent (making reality videos) with the first letter of their first names – Adam Saleh,…