#894 Digital storytelling can move us

Google India storytelling ad

One of the best storytelling curators on is Gregg Morris. Recently he posted a link to an ad that relates a touching human drama in just 3.5 minutes. Grab a tissue, and watch “Reunion” (below) from Google India. Within…


#893 Son makes amends for dad’s crime

Tona Herndon and Christian Lunsford

If we need more proof that we are not consigned to the scrap heap of life just because we come from a troubled family, we should pay attention to the story of Christian Lunsford. His dad exited the family scene…


#890 Three F’s of a good life

Bread baked by Dave Pullig

When a Facebook friend posted a link to the video below, I grinned and chuckled all the way through it. Sandy and Richard Riccardi capture the challenges of today’s dinner parties, where guests may have all kinds of diet restrictions.…


#889 The Hallelujah Chorus that went viral

Hallelujah Chorus from Quinhagak, Alaska

Tiny Quinhagak, Alaska, put itself on the map almost exactly three years ago today, when a video from there went viral. James Barthelman, a teacher who in 2005 moved with his wife from Nebraska to the village, had a creative,…


#885 Smile! You’ve been tagged with kindness


One of my favourite sites on the Internet is all about kindness. It’s called KindSpring and  uses the tag, Small Acts That Change the World. In 2003 two people concerned about the horrors of frat-house hazing (Nipun Mehta, the founder…


#878 Singing tunes up our brains

Silver Song Club in Kelowna

Anyone who enjoys belting out a song knows how good it feels. And for those who still hear that voice from childhood saying, “Just mouth the words,” my friend Jay O’Callahan has this advice: “Sing in the key of free.”…


#865 A modest angel who saved 669 children

Sir Nicholas Winton with Czech schoolchildren

Nicholas Winton was planning a skiing trip in Switzerland shortly before Christmas 1938. He detoured to Czechoslovakia when he received a frantic call from a friend in Prague, Martin Blake, who was working with Jewish refugees. That detour saved 669…