#971 She turns plastic pollution into art for hope

Henry the Fish

A simple walk along an Oregon beach became a life changer for Angela Haseltine Pozzi. She picked up what looked like a weathered bone. Examining it closely, she discovered writing and realized she was looking at a plastic item so…


#970 Talking plants


Carnivores, vegans, vegetarians, locavores, omnivores. Wherever we fall on the eating spectrum, we are consuming things that are, or once were, alive. I remember years ago reading something by Joseph Campbell in which he said, “A vegetarian is someone who…


#952 Simple tip to end bullying in schools

Writing a life-changing note

A friend sent me the link to a blog post with a title that invites forwarding: “Share this with all the schools, please”. She added this note: I share this with you because you are involved with education, with children…


#947 Kids knew she believed in them

Rita Pierson

We all need it, no matter who we are, no matter how many years we’ve been kicking around the planet. We need someone who believes in us. So it is easy to understand why Rita Pierson’s 2013 TED talk went…


#939 Teaching physics with a big dose of love

Jeffrey Wright

His students gasp, laugh, shake their heads, lean forward and ask, “How?” Jeffrey Wright is not just a high school teacher in Louisville, Kentucky. He is also the consummate entertainer. Watching him makes me think of a friend’s description of…


#925 Wildlife as teachers

Sloth at Wildlife Associates

Bears, crocodiles, mountain goats and owls are among the teachers at Wildlife Associates in Half Moon Bay, California. Steve Karlin founded the sanctuary in 1980, with the vision of helping humans “to better perceive their relationship with the living world.”…


#917 Dance breaks down their prison walls

Photo of Susan Slotnick and four members of Figures in Flight Released dance company

At 68 Susan Slotnick is not interested in retiring. She has dancers to train. It is what she has been doing for decades with children, teens and adults in New Paltz, New York. But for the past seven years she…


#911 Nigeria’s Lady Mechanics

Sandra Aguebor-Ekperuoh

Sandra Aguebor-Ekperuoh listened to her dreams and became a mechanic, cracking a major gender barrier in Nigeria. With her father’s support and in spite of her mother’s skepticism, she honed her technical skills with the best training available. Her first…

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