#1149 Renewable energy Davids are challenging the Goliaths

Solar Rainbow; photo by Steve Jurveston, via Flickr Creative Commons

With governments, corporations and fossil-fuel companies still pretending we have time to futz around with business-as-usual energy schemes, innovators are doing an end run and coming up with alternatives. One place to check out some American ideas is on the…


#1144 Mother Nature will survive


I was walking in Kelowna’s Rotary Marsh with two friends when this flower caught my eye. Basking in the sun, the flower vibrated yellow. Technically, I suppose, this is a weed since a weed is a successful plant growing in…


#1138 My wabi-sabi friend, @TorontoLydia


As anyone who follows On the Other Hand knows, my Twitter friend, Lydia Schoch is a thoughtful, articulate young woman. So it is no surprise she came up with a blog post (among many) that made me sit up and…


#1128 When I die, turn me into a tree


For years I have said when I die I want my ashes dug into a garden. Now there is an environmentally friendly way to turn me into a tree. That sounds like a wonderful legacy, to contemplate my earthly remains…


#1122 Save the world, starting with bees

Pollinating the lupine in Rotary Marsh, Kelowna, British Columbia

Just when news of the day threatens to make optimism look like a fool’s errand, I learn about a 4-decade-old organization that connects scientists and citizens around an important goal: to protect invertebrates and their habitat. Since 1971 the Xerces…