#992 An orchard blooms in the heart of Vancouver

Copley Community Orchard

When the burgeoning city of Vancouver swallowed the Copley family’s orchard, the likelihood of fruit trees ever thriving there again probably seemed remote. But young people with a passion for the environment are taking a piece of that land back…


#989 The wizard of plastic recycling

Akinori Ito and the Blest machine

Ingenuity and dismay are the driving forces behind an invention that is turning plastic into oil. Recycling plastic will never be enough. We have to reduce. But that is much easier said than done, which is why we need people…


#988 The wolves who restored Yellowstone

Howling wolf

Sustainable Man caught my attention with this one, thanks to Simonne, who alerted me to the video, How Wolves Change Rivers. This illustrated version of a portion of George Monbiot’s TED talk is mesmerizing. I knew about wolves being reintroduced…


#985 Dan Dolderman’s Unstoppable Snowball

Dan Dolderman

Dan Dolderman started his TEDxUofT (University of Toronto) talk with a story he says broke his heart. His daughter was filling containers with snow. When he asked her what she was going to do with the snow, she said: “I’m…


#970 Talking plants


Carnivores, vegans, vegetarians, locavores, omnivores. Wherever we fall on the eating spectrum, we are consuming things that are, or once were, alive. I remember years ago reading something by Joseph Campbell in which he said, “A vegetarian is someone who…


#932 Living by hope

Frances Moore Lappe

In 1971 a bestseller landed on my book shelf. With its spiral binding, Diet for a Small Planet was easy to prop open on a kitchen counter, while this novice cook learned how to create healthy meals. The author was…


#926 Eat the park!

Beacon Food Forest volunteers

Seattle was a foodie paradise when I lived there in the 70s and again in the late 80s. That scene has kept improving over the years, helped along by supportive local government. The city has a Food Action Plan with…


#925 Wildlife as teachers

Sloth at Wildlife Associates

Bears, crocodiles, mountain goats and owls are among the teachers at Wildlife Associates in Half Moon Bay, California. Steve Karlin founded the sanctuary in 1980, with the vision of helping humans “to better perceive their relationship with the living world.”…

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