#1164 Paper or plastic? The environment wants more from us

Leyla Acaroglu; photo clip from her TED talk

“Paper or plastic?” That was the mantra a few years back, when people were arguing over whether tree- or petroleum-based products were the better environmental sacrifice. In her TED2013 talk, Leyla Acaroglu addresses the environmental complexity of a seemingly simple…


#1159 Print-and-plug solar panels coming soon

Dr. Scott Watkins shows what a printed solar cell looks like; photo courtesy of CSIRO

While governments and energy companies have dragged their feet on alternative forms of energy, others have quietly gone about developing solutions. A team of Australian scientists have come up with printable solar panels. The flexible sheets can power our devices,…


#1158 They brought sockeye salmon back to the river

Sockeye salmon en route to spawning; photo by Ingrid Taylor, via Flickr Creative Commons

A few years ago the Okanagan Indian Band was hosting a food security event at the En’owkin Centre in Penticton, British Columbia. Dr. Jeannette Armstrong welcomed us to her traditional territory, and then she did something we colonizers would never…


#1144 Mother Nature will survive


I was walking in Kelowna’s Rotary Marsh with two friends when this flower caught my eye. Basking in the sun, the flower vibrated yellow. Technically, I suppose, this is a weed since a weed is a successful plant growing in…


#1138 My wabi-sabi friend, @TorontoLydia


As anyone who follows On the Other Hand knows, my Twitter friend, Lydia Schoch is a thoughtful, articulate young woman. So it is no surprise she came up with a blog post (among many) that made me sit up and…