#992 An orchard blooms in the heart of Vancouver

Copley Community Orchard

When the burgeoning city of Vancouver swallowed the Copley family’s orchard, the likelihood of fruit trees ever thriving there again probably seemed remote. But young people with a passion for the environment are taking a piece of that land back…


#979 Cupcakes and open hearts at Cristina’s Tortina

Cristina in her cupcake shop

When Cristina was born, the doctors gave her parents “the look” – the one that says, “You have a defective baby, and we are uncomfortable telling you what is ahead.” Cristina’s parents refused to accept that assessment. Instead, they looked…


#970 Talking plants


Carnivores, vegans, vegetarians, locavores, omnivores. Wherever we fall on the eating spectrum, we are consuming things that are, or once were, alive. I remember years ago reading something by Joseph Campbell in which he said, “A vegetarian is someone who…


#943 Soup’s always on at NANA’s

Volunteers at the NANA cafe

Remembering my Aunt Grace’s kitchen always brings on a wave of nostalgia. Gourmet was not on the menu, but good ingredients, prepared with love, went into every dish on her bountiful table. Anyone who showed up unannounced was offered a…


#932 Living by hope

Frances Moore Lappe

In 1971 a bestseller landed on my book shelf. With its spiral binding, Diet for a Small Planet was easy to prop open on a kitchen counter, while this novice cook learned how to create healthy meals. The author was…


#926 Eat the park!

Beacon Food Forest volunteers

Seattle was a foodie paradise when I lived there in the 70s and again in the late 80s. That scene has kept improving over the years, helped along by supportive local government. The city has a Food Action Plan with…


#890 Three F’s of a good life

Bread baked by Dave Pullig

When a Facebook friend posted a link to the video below, I grinned and chuckled all the way through it. Sandy and Richard Riccardi capture the challenges of today’s dinner parties, where guests may have all kinds of diet restrictions.…


#872 Tracking biodiversity


When I began farming on Vancouver Island, I took advantage of a small greenhouse on the property to start my own seeds. With a large vegetable garden and an equally large herb garden, I knew I could not afford to…


#864 Paul Quinn College grows health and teaches hope

WE Over ME Farm at Paul Quinn College

In a football-mad state, a college that boots the sport out of its offerings is taking a big risk. But that is exactly what Dallas-based Paul Quinn College did in 2007, and the gamble is paying off. When Michael Sorrell…

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