#1000 Going the extra mile for a friend

Gerda's friends

When Gerdi McKenna of Pretoria, South Africa, was diagnosed with cancer, one of her friends contacted a local charity, Caring Daisies, to see if they could set up a photo shoot. They figured it would be a good distraction for…


#998 Grandma Betty’s rise to stardom


The photo above is Zach’s favourite, of Grandma Betty doing her duck face while giving the peace sign. Grandma Betty may be battling cancer, but the 80-year-old is going out in style, thanks to her great-grandson’s decision to post photos…


#993 And the blind shall see

Aravind Eye Hospital

A network of profitable hospitals that provide free and ultra-subsidized eye care for millions of Indians began as the unlikely dream of a retired doctor. Anyone can use these private hospitals and pay only what they can afford, or nothing…


#977 The world in a drop of blood

Elizabeth Holmes

A 19-year-old university drop-out had something more urgent to do than continue her studies. Elizabeth Holmes was determined to change health care. She dropped out of Stanford to start doing it. As she told Dr. Eric Topol in an interview…


#973 Bullies challenged by a 9-year-old girl

Alvena Little-Wolf Ear

The story of a 4th-grade girl daring to stand up to the fat-shaming bullies has prompted an outpouring of support on Facebook. This one hits me deeply because of a young relative who committed suicide after many years of bullying…


#969 The unmatchable bond between twins

Twin babies

My partner Robin is a mirror-image twin so my inner antennae wave in the wind whenever I hear or see something that explores the sibling relationship that is unlike any other. When Judy Edward told me she had seen a…


#965 Window washing superheroes cheer sick children

ANSI superhero window washers

When Spider-Man is spotted washing windows, the Internet buzzes. Sometimes the buzzing gets the facts wrong, but these superheroes really were spotted not just washing windows but putting huge smiles on the faces of young hospital patients. At LeBonheur Children’s…


#963 The dramatic fall of domestic violence in the U.S.

Esta Soler in the center

For a woman being battered by a partner, home is the most dangerous place to be. Yet when Esta Soler began working to prevent it more than three decades ago, wife battering was often jokingly dismissed. She told the TEDWomen…

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