#1165 Awkward…7 black kids on racism

Things white people say; photo clip from video below

The clever young people behind FCKH8.com have come up with anti-racism video that made me nod my head all the way through. The 7 black kids, aged 6 to 13, who deliver their lines with such flair are all from…


#1095 Upsee miracles: children experience walking for the first time


Bethany and the inventor of the Upsee Debby Elnatan; photo from Firefly’s Facebook page

When Debby Elnaton’s second child was born with cerebral palsy, he cried through most of his first year. She figured Rotem was frustrated because he wanted to move the way any other child could. Her therapist galvanized her when he said, “Your child doesn’t know what his legs are. He doesn’t have consciousness of his legs.”

She began experimenting with special shoes and harnesses that would connect Rotem with her. After numerous tries she created the Upsee. With the child strapped to an adult, facing forward, he could experience what it was like to walk, to dance, to kick a ball.

Thanks to her partnership with Firefly, “a leading light in the research, design and development of postural care solutions for children”, youngsters with physical challenges will have a chance to experience more of the world.

Elnaton told the Belfast Telegraph:

I am crying when I see how parents use the Upsee to fill in a big void in their life and when I see the happiness that it brings to the parents and the children.

The mother who danced in her Upsee and said the hardest part was losing herself. I can relate to this sentence. We often forget what makes us happy. If the Upsee will help families be happier, then I have done my job.

A version of this post first appeared on Hope Habit.


#1093 Proud to celebrate growing diversity


Canada made same-sex marriage legal nationwide nine years ago. Not only did the country not fall apart, the family crumble, and morality fade away, that act in support of equality and social justice has had a healing effect. While we…